Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Feet

Summer is here and it's time to wear those pretty flip flops and sandals.  How embarrassing it would be if your feet is all cracked and full of calluses!  I definitely noticed a thickening layer of calluses since my trip to Myanmar since I basically had to walk everywhere bare-footed.

So instead of the usual food or travel posts, I am going to share a product I tried lately - Nature Republic's Foot Therapy Peeling Foot Mask.  I got the 10x pack to try and I am happy to report the results are very satisfactory.
For those who are unfamiliar, Nature Republic is a Korean brand that uses a lot of natural ingredients in its products.  For this particular mask, NR says it contains "papaya, lemon, apple, orange, chamomile extract and other natural ingredients which mildly softens calluses to reveal baby-smooth feet."  NR has stores all over Asia and a lot of local beauty stores carry the brand.  It's also easy to find their products online.

Nevertheless, I can guarantee you will get ripped off if you purchase its products on eBay...  According to NR's official website, each piece sells for 4,400 won, which is ~USD3.80 equivalent... eBay is currently selling each piece @ USD9.90 excluding S&H.

When you open the packet, you will see 2 sealed, sock-like plastic bags.  You put them on like you are wearing socks and wait for 60 to 90 minutes (so don't do it if you are in a hurry!).  Wash your feet with warm water after you take off the mask.  Per the instructions, you will start seeing the effects after 4 to 7 days of consecutive use.  For me, 5 treatments were sufficient.

Based on my experience, it gets uncomfortable around day 3 since your skin starts to peel but you still have to soak in this acidic solution.  The peeling actually continues for a few more days after you stop using the mask.  After the peeling stops, you will be able to enjoy soft and smooth feet - just like promised! :)  Don't forget to apply a generous amount of lotion or cream to your feet during the entire process for even softer skin.

Not going to post the actual peeling feet since that's just gross... and I am not a fan of showing my freshly peeled feet to the general public *wink* but I do have to admit it was fun pulling off skins from my feet (although it was not advised per the instructions) and scrubbing your toes during showers.

FTC Disclaimer:  Product pictures used were found on Google.  I am not affiliated with Nature Republic and the products are purchased and not sponsored.


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