Monday, June 25, 2012

Myanmar / Thailand Trip Recap (16)

In addition to highlighting some of my favorite places to visit, I felt it will help some of you out there if I provide some recommendation on food in Bangkok as well.  Please note that this list may not be the most current as it's a compilation of two separate visits and the quality might have declined as well.

Thai noodles soup

You can find it off the street, in the back of an alley, in nice restaurants and even in Chaktuchak.  It's very versatile and very delicious in my opinion.  Typically comes in small bowl with a little bit of noodles, fish cakes, and broth.

very close to Phloen Chit BTS station
~40 baht, so good
The most memorable I had was in Saphan Taksin (see pictures below), in a small alley between the Saphan Taksin BTS station and Robinson.  It's the alley where there is a pharmacy at the corner.  I pretty much went there every morning and pointed at what I wanted.  For 40 baht, and another 10 baht for an iced Thai tea, that makes a delicious breakfast.

Hainan chicken rice

There is one near the Saphan Taksin BTS station and the other one across from Platinum.  The latter is famed and recommended in a lot of travel guides.  Both are equally tasty - all depends where you are staying.

@Ming chicken rice near Saphan Taksin
@Ming chicken rice near Saphan Taksin
Chicken rice near Platinum

satay from the store next store

I love the seafood at Nam Seng "Southern Star" in Chinatown.  Chilly crab, squid in egg sauce, stir-fry bitter melon seedling (it's the only bitter melon product I can eat), raw shrimp in Thai chilly sauce, etc.  So delicious!  There is another famous seafood restaurant called Somboon, but you have to be very careful and clearly instruct your taxi or tuk tuk driver that you do not want to be taken to Somboondee (your drivers are likely to refuse hire because they get a commission taking you to Somboondee).  For me, the quality at Somboon did not warrant me to go through all that trouble.  I am just as satisfied at Nam Seng.

curry crab from Somboon, the real one
the sauce is fabulous but crab wasn't fresh
squid in salty egg sauce
pepper crab, very spicy
chilli shrimp (raw), very spicy also
If you are a fan of durian, don't forget to visit the "Durian Queen" in Chinatown.  She sells quality durians and has been in the business for as far as I can remember.  (I actually don't eat durian but my mom is an avid lover for this king of fruit...)

if the durian wasn't good enough, she will not sell it to you!
Another good place to find quality seafood is actually at Paragon's food court.

Mango sticky rice

The best two I had is at the Siam Paragon food court and at the airport.  The one at the airport is on the food court level before you pass security.  They also sell young coconut and other fruits and snacks.

I think this was 100 baht (in 2009)
mango sticky rice @ BKK
Snacks in Chaktuchak

Another reason to love Chaktuchak, I will never go hungry in there...  there is a huge variety and my top 5 must eat are:

1. roasted coconut drink
2. orange juice
3. grilled shrimp
4. young coconut ice-cream
5. fried fish cakes

(see previous post for pictures)

Spicy fried chicken

Any Bangkok KFC will do but the fried chicken from the street hawkers are just as tasty.

Traditional Thai Food

My friend took me there during my last visit and I loved it!  It's a roof top bar with traditional Thai food and music.  I only remembered it was next to the BTS station in an older building but I don't know how to get there by myself :P

Tod mun
I think this is soft-shell crab 
Tom yum goong
Well, here concludes my recap on my Myanmar and Thailand trip.  If you read the whole series, thank you.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do!  *wink*


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