Saturday, June 23, 2012

Myanmar / Thailand Trip Recap (13)

Day 15 - Ngwesaung

After breakfast, we met with our drivers and headed to Ngwesaung :) We drove through small villages, woods, crossed 3 rivers, and saw crabs in action on the beach.  It was definitely a highlight of the entire trip and I highly recommend it to any adventurous souls out there.
can you guess what they sell? hint: not gatorade
it's fuel!
after 3 boats and an hour on a 125cc motorcycle, we reached Ngwesaung
this is so much fun!!! <3 it!!!

Doesn't he look like President Obama?
mini hermit crab
it's amazing how fast it moves and how easy it was for the locals to pick it up!
waiting for boat #2
I don't think there is a place you won't see any monks here

you will see hundreds of red crabs moving on the beach in the morning - it's quite a scene!
driving through the woods

When we arrived in Ngwesaung, our driver told us we could cross the ocean to an island on foot.  It was during the crossing when I dropped my phone into the ocean.  It was my fault.  Well, it died and I lost my photos and videos I took with my phone.  Hence, no "Chaungtha, Chaungtha" for y'all...

if you have any valuables, you might want to think twice before crossing the ocean
a mermaid statue on the island - there will be some random people asking you for money if you want a picture taken with the mermaid... unbelievable!!!
rocky shore
This incident taught me a few things, use common sense.  Don't take pictures with your phone or camera or anything you can't spare to ruin when your feet are in the water.  Accidents do happen.  Or, buy a waterproof case.  (Seriously, I started looking on Amazon and found a ton of products under USD10!  If you know of a good product to recommend, do tell.)  Also, Apple care for iPhone does not work unless there is an Apple Store in that country.  If you want to fix your iPhone, you have to either go to an Apple store or your service provider.  A certified Apple repair shop will not repair or replace your iPhone - regardless of the type of damaged it sustained.  (In the end, I paid USD199 and had my phone replaced since mine was covered under the out-of-service warranty,  But still, ouch!)  At least, it wasn't my camera...

Lunch at Ngwesaung was just so-so.  Choices are limited but the hotels are nicer and newer here.  It's a good way to spend a day but I prefer to stay in Chaungtha simply because of better food.

curry oyster
preserved egg salad
it's the Chinese's thousand year egg but milder, to appease local / Western taste maybe? 

We drove back after lunch and somehow my driver felt responsible for my loss even though it was really my own stupidity that cost me my phone.  He offered to take me to an extra tourist spot when we returned to Chaungtha but I politely declined... It really wasn't his fault and I just wasn't in the mood when we returned.  Regardless, a broken phone won't take away the beauty I saw with my own eyes and I am still very glad we went :)

it's still one of the main forms of transportation here
another day, another beautiful sunset
a dead jellyfish
Tip:  Make sure you apply and reapply a generous amount of sunscreen if you are going to take the motorcycle ride to Ngwesaung.  I was burned since I forgot to reapply my sunscreen... I could pass as a local when I returned... :'( 

Dinner at Hla Bo again... food was delicious even though it doesn't look like it :)

straw baked chicken - very flavorful - it's one of the menu items you need to pre-order
btw, the lobster and grouper was pre-order items as well since very few locals could afford them
rakhine clam salad - we loved it so much from lunch yesterday we had to encore!
we asked our waitress what makes a dish "rakhine" and she said they don't use tomatoes and some other spices in those


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