Saturday, June 16, 2012

Myanmar / Thailand Trip Recap (11)

Day 12 to 14 - Yangon - Chaungtha

We spent the next two days exploring more of Yangon with my aunt's family and eating more of the delicious Burmese food.  Pretty uneventful yet relaxing.

coconut chicken noodles
(ohn-no khao swe)
anything and everything can be fixed under their able hands


nap is taken to an all new level
anything runs here!

Sule pagoda 
Downtown Yangon


gold shop

our tricycle driver

My cousin helped us booked the bus ticket to Chaungtha.  Originally, we wanted to go to Ngwesaung but settled for Chaungtha in the end due to lack to affordable transportation.  It ended up for the best.  Next time, I want visit Ngapali, the other famous beach in Myanmar.

Although we were scheduled to board the 9pm bus, the bus didn't arrive until 945pm... it was a 5 to 6 hours ride to the beach.  I have to say... it was quite an experience...

First, the bus played really loud local MTV until midnight when most of the passengers were trying to rest... the flash from the screen almost gave me a seizure... then, there was the mandatory stop at the rest station where ALL passengers are required to leave the bus, whether you want to or not... and finally, after maneuvering through a series of hairpin turns, the bus blasted the infamous "Chaungtha, Chaungtha" song... it was a music video with some local female singers dressed in something between a swimsuit and a dress... mildly shaking it and rolling on the beach trying to be sexy, giving a very poor imitation of what you would normally see on Sports Illustrated... not only was the song in full blast at 3am, it was also on repeat... I captured some footage (plus my commentary) using my phone, but sadly, the footage is lost due to an unfortunate event which will be unfold later...

As I stumbled off the bus, my mom asked for a copy of that crazy MTV and the driver actually promised to give me a copy but of course he lied... and I can't find it on Google or YouTube.  If anyone knows which song I am talking about, please feel free to contact me or post the info below in the comments...

the resort we stayed at
Tips:  In case you were wondering, a round-trip bus ticket to Chaungtha on an air-conditioned bus is approximately 15,000 kyats or USD20.  The bus is quite modern and comfortable.  Plus, it comes with free entertainment...

Tips: For hotel, since we went towards the end of the summer season, we paid non-peak price.  We stayed at the Belle Resort (which is quite nice) and price for foreigner at the Second Sea View Superior is ~USD70 per night.  If you prefer the Sea View Deluxe, it is ~USD95 per night.  The only difference is that you will be 10 steps closer to the beach... If you needed to add an extra bed in your room, I recommend adding it when you arrived the hotel since the hotel does not distinguish the additional bed between foreigner or local.  It was also slightly cheaper.  If you went during the peak season, expect everything to double and sold out since it's an extremely popular destination for the locals.


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