Monday, June 18, 2012

Copa Steakhouse

Taking a little break from uploading my never-ending Myanmar / Thailand trip... (I am almost done, I promise!)  Let's talk about food this post :)  (no pun intended - haha!)

It was my birthday this past weekend and my friends took me to a steakhouse in town - Copa Steakhouse @ Sands Macau.  I have been craving a good steak for a while now... (they probably read my mind!)  It was a great meal with friends and everything was delicious!  Good call~

happy birthday to me!

beef carpaccio
tune tartare
avocado seafood salad
soup of the day - cream of mushroom

seafood bisque

lamp chops
prime rib
blueberry souffle
chocolate molten cake
In my opinion, US and Australian steaks are the best in flavor... (I have yet to try the famed Kobe beef so things might change then) and my favorite cut - the ribeye!  The irony is that I don't actually eat steaks that often when I was living in the US, I guess what you missed most is often the things you can't have...

The most memorable steaks I had were actually from Joe Allen's in Abilene, Texas.  It might not have been the best steak in the world but it's the memories that went with it.  Back then, my friends and I only go there to celebrate special occasions.  I still remembered I usually get the mesquite grilled 1.5 inches ribeye medium rare with 2 sides, a baked potato, unlimited cornbread, and a drink - all that for ~USD20!!!

the old Joe Allen's
The best seasoning in the world is definitely good friends and happiness.  So, thank you again for taking the time and celebrating this special day with me.



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