Friday, June 29, 2012

Konad Nails

In a corporate world, maintaining a professional image can sometimes mean a boring wardrobe.  Lucky for me, the company policy have yet to establish rules on what color nail polishes I can wear.  Imagine life with the boring nudes, pinks, and reds!!  I heart my mint green, turquoise, and orange polishes!

I actually never heard of this brand until my recent trip to Myanmar - funny because Konad is actually a Korean brand.  I remembered I was walking around in the Bogyoke Aung San Market and saw the advertising poster.  Walked in the store, got mesmerized, walked out with one of the kit set, an extra stamp plate, a plastic plate holder and a free polish - all that for 11,600 kyats or ~USD10!
Konad kit set T
Konad plastic holder
holds the plate and keeps it from moving
plate m36
came with the set
plate m60
extra purchase
look at all the different patterns you can do with the m36 plate!
the complimentary polish

Basically, Konad allows you to put pre-designed images on your nails by stamping.  The theory is simple but the technique is hard to master.  Some designs are easier than the others.  Overall, I enjoyed putting a flower / butterfly here and there on my nails.  It adds character to my nails and for 10 bucks, it's worth it.

Of course I researched after I came back to see if I got ripped off and if I did, how bad... Well, if I purchased the same products from (1) the Konad US website or (2) Amazon, it would have cost me (1) ~USD40 or (2) ~USD20.  I am sure you can find better deals with the right sellers on eBay but I am happy now :)

Bottom-line, I don't think I will buy more plates at the moment since what I have now is sufficient for my everyday needs.  If I wanted an elaborated nail design for a special occasion, I probably would go to a nail salon and get them done professionally.  Afterall, it's relatively cheap so get specialty nails done here in Macau / China.  (One of my friends gets hers done all the time and it's roughly USD50 each time.)

isn't it cute?
FTC Disclaimer:  Product pictures used were found on Google.  I am not affiliated with Konad and the products shown are purchased and not sponsored.


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