Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mánzhe Diē #1 (瞞著爹1店)

As mentioned in my previous post, I was very impressed by Mánzhe Diē shop #3 and concluded I have to splurge at shop #1.  Shop #1 specializes in omakase.  Looking back, the price (NTD1880) wasn't too bad based on the quality and quantity of the food offered!  I would definitely do it again!


Make sure you call for a reservation, this place gets packed and there are only limited number of seatings.  They have 3 rounds of dinner each night (17:00 / 19:00 / 21:00) - I went for the 19:00 so I actually have more time to enjoy my meal...  17:00 feels too rush...  I read that they offer 3 price points for the omakase (NTD1,200 / 1,500 / 2,000).  I don't recall being asked which "menu" I wanted but I paid around NTD1,800 in the end so it must have been the middle one.  I was eating pretty much the same thing as the rest of the customers were eating so it must have been the most popular set...

I must say the owner is smart since he is testing out different business models and catering to a different group of audience with different budgets at each of his stores.  (Yup, that's the Finance gal in me talking...)  Can't wait to check out his other shops!

I went there on a weekday and it was packed!
appetizers: candied roselle & edamame
Fig and Squid Salad with Black Sesame Paste Dressing

I really enjoyed this dish.  It has figs, my favorite~
Not sure about the name of the greens but I love them!
And the star is the black sesame paste dressing!
So thick and so delicious!  I need to find the recipe for this!
Torched Scallops Sashimi
Hamachi Nigiri
Sliced Squid Nigiri with Mentaiko
It has an interesting texture - chewy.
I quite enjoyed it
Butan Ebi Nigiri - yummy!
I always love my shrimp head fried but this one is even better since it's stuffed with rice!
The rice soaked up the jus and it's just amazing
Matsuba Crab Gunkan with Salmon Roes
Yellowtail Sashimi
Uni Gunkan
My favorite Pacific Saury!!!
L O V E~~~
Red Snapper
This is supposed to be their featured nigiri with caviar over otoro over uni.
I actually find the flavor confusing because I can't taste the toro and uni individually anymore.
I really wanted to love this >.<
Fluke Gunkan
Our sushi chef - I wonder if he is the owner.
During the course of the meal, this was brought to us as a snack.
I found it tasty but I was confused since I was still enjoying my sushi then...
It would have been better if it was given to me before or after the sushi course
Regardless, it's fantastic with beer.
The other chef torching our fish for our chirashi
I actually really enjoyed my chirashi!
I loved that they torch the fish so I am not overloaded with raw fish
A simple grilled fish
Perfectly cooked and just charred at just the right places
You can tell I really enjoyed my fish when I devoured everything!
Miso soup with clams and mushroom to wash everything down
...and finally dessert to end a nice meal in a sweet note...
The red bean soup wasn't too sweet. Yay!
Give me rice cake anytime and I will be happy.
If you like your desserts sweet this may not be for you but I am happy :)

Among the different dishes, my favorite was actually the candied roselle.  (Closely followed by the salad - I love the black sesame paste as the dressing!!)  I was so glad when they refilled my roselle!  In fact, I made a batch at home just prior to leaving for Manila.  Because I was short on time, I only left it out to age overnight instead of three - what the recipe called for... It's been sitting in the fridge, waiting for me to come home.  I will find out soon enough if mine is edible...

(Update:  I am very pleased to report that my roselle were edible and tastes very nice actually... crunchy, sour, and sweet!  I am shocked with the amount of sugar I added, they were still quite sour!!!  I actually felt the need to add more sugar when I make my next batch!!!  Click here to see how I made mine.)

Again, I really enjoyed my meal here so would recommend anyone to go and check it out if you are in Taipei!

Mánzhe Diē #1 (瞞著爹1店)  
Tel: +886 0926-594575
Hours: 12:00 ~ 14:00, 17:00~23:00
Reservation and Cash only!
Again, this is an omakase restaurant so there will be no menu.


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