Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Spotted Pig

Fabulous news.  I will be spending Christmas in NYC this year.  (It so happen I am going there for work for a few days.)  *cheers*  I have been to NYC a few times myself but I am still thrilled every time I get to go.  (I usually don't get thrilled by cities...  Tokyo and NYC are probably the only exceptions...  Perhaps London too but I have never been... yet...)

Anyways, as I am planning on what to do and where to eat for this upcoming trip, I dug up the Spotted Pig from my archives.

Picture from the Spotted Pig's Official Website
(as usual, I was too hungry and forget to take pictures of the actual restaurant)
No copyright infringement intended.

The Spotted Pig is a favorite restaurant of my ex-colleague.  I still think they are the best bunch and I lucked out to have the opportunity to work with them.  I really missed those times where we would pick out restaurants and critique each dish we had.  It's most unfortunate I won't be able to see many of them this trip.  Hopefully our paths will cross once more.

I didn't think the food at Spotted Pig is as glorious as how my colleague has described but it was probably due to the overwhelming expectations.  (The food was delicious but not glorious).  Nevertheless, I have only been there once.  It's one of those restaurants that I am willing to visit again to see what I might have missed!

Sheep’s Milk Ricotta Gnudi with Brown Butter & Crispy Sage

My colleague's favorite dish.  It has a very creamy texture.
I am gonna make sure I order this one again.
some kind of rabbit stew covered in duck (?) fat

It's no longer offered on the menu... I only remember I didn't like it.
Prosciutto Fritters
Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort Cheese & Shoestring Fries

Probably the most ordered item from the restaurant.  The burger was very juicy.
Forgot the name but it was either beef tongue or liver.

I remember it was good although looking back at the picture it wasn't very appetizing.
An assortment of desserts

The Spotted Pig
314 W 11th St, New York, New York
Public Transit: Christopher Street (1), 14th Street (A,C,E,L) or West 4th Street (B,D,F,M)
Tel: +1 212-620-0393
Hours: (Brunch) 11:00 - 15:00; (Lunch) 12:00 - 15:00; (Bar Menu) 15:00 - 17:00; (Dinner) 17:30 - 02:00

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