Monday, October 11, 2010

Mario Cooks!

Mario Batali is one of my favorite chefs so when I saw his an app for iPhone, I got it.  I mean, who else can teach me how to cook Italian food better than him.  The app was only $5 and there were 60 recipes, technique videos, how to stock an Italian pantry, etc.  Just the fact that he pronouces the dishes in Italian sounds like a good deal to me (more reasons for me to love my iPhone!!)  I am not suggesting you need to go buy the app, I am just giving my opinion.

Batali actually shows you how to cook most of his dishes.  So tonight, I attempted 3 of the recipes - sugo di pomodoro (basic tomato sauce), bucatini all' amatriciana (bucatini in the style of the women from amatrice), carciofi all romana (roman-style artichokes).  Except the artichokes, I likes the other 2 dishes, and the main reason why I don't like my artichokes is I just don't know how to pick a good artichoke.  By the time I peeled and cored it, there is literally nothing left (and yet it's still too tough to chew).  So yes, this will be my first and last time making artichokes.

Not going to post the actual recipes but I will share you my pictures of the finished products :)  (and my battle with the artichokes!!!)
carciofi all romana

bucatini all' amatriciana
never-ending peeling

small artichoke and big fuzz!

what'z left...
Oh and while I was grocery shopping, I also bought some prociutto... (originally, i intended to put them into the pasta... so glad I also bought some pancetta, which I ultimately used... the prociutto is going straight to my stomach - no cooking required!) I am really amzed by the difference in quality (and price) between the imported and domestic version... the imported is definitely worth it!  

imported prociutto de Parma


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