Friday, October 8, 2010

Potato Bites

love love love potatoes... it's definitely one of my top comfort food... almost as bad as devil eggs for me :)

Ingredients: (makes 30 bites)
5 russell potatoes
1 bunch of chopped green onion
10 slice of turkey bacon
salt & pepper
2 tbsp butter

1. Boil potatoes for about an hour
2. Brown the bacon on the skillet until they are crisp.  Cut into bite size.
3. Run potatoes in cold water and peel the skin off.
4. Add butter, salt, pepper, chopped green onions, and bacon to #3 and mash.

The following steps are optional :)

5.  Using 2 spoons, shape the potatoes and drop it on a skillet.  Since there is butter in the batter already and I used the same skillet I fried the bacon, I did not add any additional oil.
6.  Arrange the potatoes in the skillet - don't overcrowd them and turn on heat.
7.  Brown each side to desired crispiness and serve.
8.  You can pair it with aioli or just simple ketchup.  (Or some fresh squeezed lemon juice.)

If you have dried spanish mackerel, you can soak it and add it to the mashed potatoes instead of the bacon and green onions.  You can also substitute the green onion with chives or parsley.


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