Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tomato Shrimp

Clearing out my fridge in preparation of my trip.  I have some leftover shrimp from making wonton the other day... a quick and easy (and tasty way) is to cook it with tomatoes...

10-12 medium shrimps
3 roma tomatoes
chopped green onions
sliced ginger with skin
fish sauce
soy sauce
2 tsp corn starch + 2 tbsp water

1. Using a pair of scissors, cut the legs, the tip of the head, butterfly and get rid of the intestines.
2. Cubed the tomatoes.
3. Heat wok, add approx. 2 tbsp of cooking oil, add ginger.  Discard ginger when the flavor of the ginger is infused into the oil.
4. Arrange the shrimp on the wok and pan fried each side for about 1 minute.
5. Add tomatoes right after you flip the shrimp to the other side.
6. Season with sugar, fish sauce and soy sauce.
7. Stir occasionally and gently.
8. When the tomatoes are cooked down, add the corn starch water.  Bring it to a boil.
9. Add green onions and gently stir. 
10. Ready to serve.  Taste good with rice.

P.S. if you don't want to mess with the shells, peel the shells in #1 too.  However, it's easier to overcooked the shrimp plus that's where most of the flavor of the shrimp is.


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