Saturday, January 14, 2012

Perth Trip Recap (10)

Day 10 - King's Park / Garden City Mall

Yet another R&R day!  I felt my ankle singing "hallelujah"".  Today, we decided to take it easy so we went to Kings' Park for a picnic.  We stopped at the Woolworth between the train station and the bus stop and picked up some more snacks.  This really turned out to be just more mangoes for me - I can't say no to 2 for $3.50... haha~

King's Park definitely lived up to the expectation.  The grass is lush and the view is spectacular!  We picked a spot under the palm trees and enjoyed ourselves.  (I really want one of those foldable picnic blanket now!!)  After a series of really silly pictures, we went for a walk in the Botanic Garden.

We met up with a friend and we went souvenir shopping in Chinatown!  Yeah!  After going crazy in there, we went to Garden City Mall.  Luckily, the mall closes later than usual (5pm) because it's almost Christmas!  Originally I want to get some Becca products (cosmetics originated from Perth Australia) but since it was really expensive, I passed.

That's it for the day.  Tomorrow will be the highly anticipated Pinnacles-Lancelin tour :)

a lot of people was drinking this - so I got to try it too - not bad!
picnic under the palm tree - priceless
the lush green grass

interesting plants in WA #1
the glass bridge
a brewery overlooking the swan river

interesting plants in WA #2

spider web

interesting plants in WA #3
Masala Dosa @ the food court of Garden City Mall


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