Thursday, January 19, 2012

Perth Trip Recap (12)

Yay - my MacBook Pro (MBP) is finally here... it's been forever before I could make the decision between buying in HK or the US... and then also between the MacBook Air (MBA) and MBP.  As usual, the practical me won the argument...  I am still getting use to the Mac interface but the transition wasn't bad at all... Anyways, back to subject...

Day 12 - Fremantle

Like Rotto for Rottnest, the Aussie has lovingly named Freo for Fremantle.  It's a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.  We took the train and got to Fremantle late morning.  We loved the cafes, breweries, old fashioned shops, farmers market, heritage buildings, the harbor and all!  Definitely the place to go on a weekend and relax!!!

Below is a few shots at each stop we made...

@Random pictures at Freo

forget "eat, pray, love"
this is more to my liking :)


the girl with the cut top works here in the afternoon and Little Creatures in the evening... so hardworking!
@Fremantle Market

I wish I took a box with me home...


lovely but I bet I can get the same thing cheaper in Bali 

Reminds me of the market in Chak Tuk Chak (?) in Bangkok 
@ Fremantle Prison - didn't go inside... I am not paying to go to prison...

@ Wine Sail & Anchor

@ Shipwreck Galleries

@ Fremantle Beach

@ Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbor

now you can tell the fish is really fresh :)

Apparently, my definition of "freshly shucked" cannot be applied here...

didn't eat here - fresh seafood is NOT meant to be deep fried!

@ Little Creatures - highly rated on Trip Advisor.  As you can see, very crowded!!!  (their beer is served in Margaret River too - I knew I would be coming here so I didn't try their beer at Settlers' Tavern)


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