Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Perth Trip Recap (13)

I was hoping to finish writing the entire trip before Chinese New Year... Oh well... better late than never!  :)

Day 13 - Cottlesloe Beach

We decided to go back to the souvenir shop for more shopping and then head to Cottlesloe Beach.  We stopped at a vietnamese restaurant in between but was slightly disappointed at the pho...  It was quite expensive and not very authentic... (but then again, we were comparing to the pho we had in the US... haha!)

I love how the tell you on the menu that tea is "free"
Fried spring roll

Chicken pho - the noodles are thicker than what we used to have...
Beef combination pho
After filling our tummies, we took the train from Perth CBD to Cottlesloe via the Fremantle line and took the connecting bus (just follow the crowd) to the beach.  It's a nice beach but my favorites are still Little Beach in Albany and Little Salmon Bay in Rotto.  Although it was Christmas' Eve, the beach wasn't as crowded as we were expecting.  We saw people with their X'mas attire, short boarding, wind surfing, sunbathing, etc.  I wish I had one of those short board with me so I can try short boarding too... it would have been so much fun.

we should have brought our hats too!

everyone is so fit and tanned here... /.\
seriously... are there any fat people here?
it reads - "Kylie, I'm just for you - will you marry me?"
awww.... so sweet... (at first I thought it was "merry x'mas"... LOL)
kitesurfing - looks fun but it can be dangerous

Cottlesloe Beach

closed on xmas day
I want to live here... no wonder all the shops are closed at 5pm sharp...
Perth CBD @ sunset from Mt Lawley station

Mt Lawley neighborhood (no, we didn't live in anything close to this) 
and their lawns are beautiful


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