Saturday, January 7, 2012

Perth Trip Recap (7)

Computer is fixed!  Yeah!!  Back to my regular update schedule (I hope) :)

Day 7 - Hyden / Perth

We left Albany early morning and started driving to Hyden, the home of the Wave Rock.  (Originally we wanted to go to Ayers Rock but due to a series of impulsive decisions, we didn't go.  It's alright, we will go there some day!)  Since we felt rock-less this trip, we decided to come out to Wave Rock before heading back to Perth.

There was a couple leaving the YHA around the same time we left and we saw them again at the gas station.  They were driving a Mitsubishi SUV... Later on, we saw a similar car in front of us... all the way to Wave Rock!!!  Needless to say, we had the same itinerary for the day.  What a coincidence!  We should have carpooled!

After roughly 4 hours of driving, which felt endless... we arrived in Hyden.  There was really little or nothing in between.  The snacks from the Albany famers market came in handy :)  Hyden is a very small town but it has the most signs (to the Wave Rock) we have seen the entire trip!  (I guess there is nothing else to do there.)

Reminds me of Grand Teton, Wyoming, USA

a pink lake - tricks from nature:)
I want your license plate!

Wave Rock - After purchasing our entrance fee at the visitor center, we started walking to the rock.  It was a very short walk, which was great since the day was so hot!  We started posing fake surfing looks with the rock without much success and walked up and behind the rock to get a better view of the area.  We didn't stay long at Wave Rock as we are getting dehydrated by the heat and anxious to get back to Perth at a decent hour.  If I had known the Hippo Rock is just a few steps away, I probably would walk over there too... oh well...

missed the hippo's yawn!
Wave Rock - I think I still need to make a trip to the Wave Canyon in Arizona afterall

You can go down the slope @ your own risk!
they did...

The couple that drove the same way
The drive back to Perth is quite uneventful as I slept most of the way... oh... here's where I encounter another sunbathing lizard...

Perth - After we got back to Perth, we checked in at Cubbiehouse (the vacation rental we found on Trip Advisor in Mt Lawley).  The apartment is great - it is well equipped and clean!  (The landlord even got us a litre of milk in the fridge!!!)  The place was a little difficult to find at first but everything is actually very convenient.  The apartment is only 10 minutes walk from the Mt. Lawley train station and 5 minutes walk from the bus stop.  Best of all, it was only AUD500 for the whole week!!!  (The downtown YHA would have cost us ~AUD800 just for a double room.)

After settling down at the apartment, we went to a local IGA and bought some groceries.  Then we drove back to the airport and returned the rental car.  Our friend in Perth took us back to the apartment and that's pretty much it for the day.  Overall, great planning for week 1 :)


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