Sunday, January 8, 2012

Perth Trip Recap (8)

Day 8 - Perth

Today is another planned R&R (rest & relaxation) or in my friend's word "explore" day.  The only goal for the day is to understand where are the bus and train stations and where is Barrack Street Jetty (and how long it takes to get there).

We wanted to sleep-in but our body has already adjusted to "early riser" mode... so we made ourselves some decent breakfast, watched some local TV and finally got out late morning... The Mt Lawley station was about 10 to 15 minutes walk from our apartment.  It's only 4 stations from Perth CBD.

Getting to the Barrack Street Jetty is actually very convenient.  We found it in no time and we started exploring the downtown area.  We stopped at a cafe and had some coffee and light lunch.  I always enjoyed people  watching while drinking coffee - you get attuned to what the people is like in that city just by sitting there watching.  Perth CBD is quite small but I think it's the perfect size.  Unlike Chicago, you won't killed your legs walking around here...  Plus, you can always get on one of the CAT buses for free if you are tired / don't like walking!

The Bell Tower

Free Cat Bus
X'mas tree 
Perth CBD - we had coffee there

AUD80 for a shirt!?

i <3 B&W pictures :)

i <3 this dress... but it was AUD200+ :'(
Perth CBD @ 6pm
where we had dinner
miso katsu (chicken)

salmon roll



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