Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Perth Trip Recap (9)

Day 9 - Rottnest Island

Based on our research, Tuesday is the best day to visit Rotto!  See here.  However, be prepared for a 2-hour boat right (one-way) from Perth CBD.  This is one of my favorite places... if given a chance to return, I would probably stay a day or two here  (an afternoon is really not enough).  Also, I would also take the bike rental option offered by Rottnest Express (the ferry) - it's about the same price and seriously, time is money on the island!

We woke up early and got to the Barrack Street terminal for our 8:45am ferry.  Had some coffee and boarded.  Believe it or not, we actually didn't realize how long it would take us to get there... if we had known earlier, we would probably bring some cards or other things to do...

The AUD57M home
Fremantle harbor
Finally, we arrived at Rotto around 11am.  We went to the only bike rental place to rent a bike only to find all the others here... the line was extremely slow... it took us an hour + to finally get our bikes out of the shop... (that's why I highly recommend anyone thinking of biking there to BYOB or rent one with Rottnest Express - you can also pick their bike + snorkel gear combo.  Check it out here).

should have reserved a bike with them!

next time :'(

before I got cooked

we got the afternoon rate... but time is money!!!

Since we only have approximately 3 hours left before we have to return the bike (our ferry back is at 4pm), I am anxious to start cycling.  Afterall, the route I wanted to take is ~15km.  That leaves me almost no time to take pictures or enjoy the beaches!!!  I am so glad I have been biking at the forest reserve when I was in Chicago.  Otherwise, there is no way I could finish the whole route.  I am more confident now that I will be able to do the 33km ride in Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan.  See here.

I really love everything I saw on the island, even though I am literally cooked by the sun.  I just wished I had more time.  Make sure you bring enough water and apply and re-apply your sunblock!!

My friend actually didn't ride the whole route with me.  She was having problems with her oversize bag and she wasn't used to riding up-hill under the burning sun so she told me to go ahead.  (I really waited for you in the first few junctions...)  Plus lack of cell phone signal, I decided to keep on going and just meet her back in town or on the ferry.  I got back to town around 2pm and ta-da, there she is!  Of course, I almost got yelled at...  I am pretty tired myself... so I got myself another cider - an elderflower infused apple cider!! - and yet another pie... I love these Aussie pies :)

Parker Point

Jeannie Lookout

Little Salmon Bay

Wadjemup Lighthouse
Feeding wildlife is BAD!

I did it!
While we were just eating and chilling before we had to return the bike and board the boat, we saw this extremely friendly quokka.  I saw a bunch of them a few times while I was biking and the same family feeding them.  The quokkas must be used to having humans giving them food, which by the way, is EXTREMELY BAD for the wild animals.  There are LOADS of reasons why you shouldn't do it!!!  See here.  So if you have been doing it, STOP.  If you see others doing it, tell them why they SHOULD NOT.  (I told that family they shouldn't do it... apparently, they know but still didn't stop... /sigh)

Potato & Beef Pie

The not very intuitive squeeze-on

These kids were playing with the quokka too
see... they don't know how to fear humans
We returned the bike after took a few more pictures.  And guess who we saw on the ferry (we actually saw them when we board in the morning)... the same couple who drove all the way from Albany to Hyden!!!  This time, we talked a little bit and found out they are from Germany!  Hello there!!!

Both of us are seriously craving some oysters (we only had 1 so far this trip...).  Luckily the restaurant we picked (we walked past it on our explore day) was serving them.  The oysters were very creamy :)

love (or hate) how it has a mark...

Hoeegarden (right) is ridiculously expensive... (coz it's an import?)

super creamy!
Finally back to Perth and I am exhausted... unfortunately, this is also the night where I sprang my ankle (pretty badly) while walking back from the station (fatigue maybe?)  At least it didn't happen the night before... good thing I have my Salonpas... and I iced it for a good hour...  When I finally got the chance to see the doctor when I came back from my trip, he said "wow, you actually waited a week before seeing me?"  "Dear Dr... I have no other choice... I was in Australia!!!"  I guess my pain tolerance is probably higher than normal???)

I think I was knocked out the moment I hit the bed... good thing I don't have to wake up early tomorrow :)


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