Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Perth Trip Recap (14)

Day 14 & 15 - X'mas with friends!

I want to take this opportunity to thank Antonia again for all her help on our trip!!!  Thank you for lending us your brand new GPS so we didn't get lost in Western Australia.  Thank you for picking us up at the airport on a weekday when we return from Hyden.  Thank you for taking us shopping and introducing us to all the fabulous deals!  Thank you for welcoming us into your home and letting us join you in your Xmas celebrations with your family and friends.  Thank you for taking us to the beach again so I finally get to try short-boarding.  Thank you for the Xmas presents!!  Thank you for taking us back to the airport on boxing day!!  Thank you and thank you again :)

So yup~ after we checked out from Cubbiehouse, our friend Antonia picked us up and we stayed with her for Xmas :)  We had a picnic by the river and I went for a little kayaking.  It was so relaxing and the food was delicious!  Later that night we went to her friend's place for drinks.  I really enjoyed the supernatural stories that we randomly started :)

Every picnic's must haves :)
Ice cold beer
Pineapple ham
Fruit bowl
Hot dogs
A table full of food!!! <# 
Cherries - yum!!!
Let's go kayak!
Next day we joined her family for a brunch at the patio... so lovely and so relaxing... and the food again, amazing!!  my friend won't stop talking about organizing one ourselves here since then... (let's wait till the weather gets warmer...)  We went back to Cottlesloe Beach in the afternoon and finally!!! I got to try short-boarding!!!  I loved it!!  Finally we went to have dinner at a 24-hour establishment (WOW!  I can't believe these places actually exist in Perth!) and head back to the airport...

Tiger prawns, cute cookies, variety of salads, more fruits!!!
Yummy local beer~
"Lord of the Rings" XD
it's actually just fried squid rings
16:51??? what kind of working hour is this??? -.-|||
can it get more precise than this?

I almost forgot about how yummy you are weetabix!
they are delicious dipped in coffee - my co-workers taught me :) 
We didn't take a whole lot of pictures these 2 days because when you are having a good time with your friends, pictures are really not necessary :)

back to reality...  I am ready for bed...
That's it for this recap - what a fabulous trip.  If given the opportunity, I think I really wouldn't mind living in Perth.  I can totally see myself going to the beach in the evening on weekdays and the coffee shops in Fremantle during the weekends.  Plus, there is Margaret River just 3 hours south and the Ningaloo Reef in the north.  Not to mention, the food here is simply awesome!!  Yes, Perth may not be as big as Sydney or Melbourne but I like the layback lifestyle and the outdoor activities Perth offers.  I am already thinking about my next trip - this time I want to go north towards Exmouth, maybe even Broome.  Or, I think I would go to Melbourne / Hobart / Alice Spring (Yes - I haven't given up yet!)

Oh, by the way, total spend for the entire trip - flight, accommodation, car hire, food, and shopping - came in just a little less than USD2.8K, averaged to about USD185 per day - wasn't too bad, or was it?

Let me know if you want to join me next time :)


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