Monday, March 25, 2013

Bing Sheng (炳勝品味)

My friend has been talking about this place when she was telling me about her plan on this trip.  I can tell how much she misses the black "char siu" (叉燒) just from the way she describes it.  So I wasn't surprised when a line formed in front of the shop when we got there around 20:30.

I am not sure if there is an elevator but if there isn't,
it's quite inconvenient for those who need it!

This restaurant is owned by a restaurant group which has a total 5 different restaurant brands.  Bing Sheng is their main line and there are 5 outlets scattered across the city.  For the sake of this post, I did a little Google search and this restaurant comes up on TripAdvisor, Chowhound, Lonely Planet, etc.  With these kind of endorsements, it's fame has reached far and wide.  Luckily, it did not disappoint.

The different brands and locations
Guess what's inside?

It's tissue paper!  (Not cigarettes!!)

The moment we sat down, my friend already asked the server if the Chef's Black BBQ pork is still available and it is.  (whew~ she said it was sold out the last time she was there.)  Although the BBQ pork got my friend's mouth watering, it's their "Shuiguichong" tofu (水鬼重豆腐) that knocked my socks off.  Just thinking about this tofu makes me happy.  I think another Guangzhou trip is due soon!

You might be wondering:  "what's so special about this tofu?"  To make this tofu, the water is the key.  The best Shuiguichong tofu is made from unpolluted spring water from Qingyuan (清遠) and organic soybeans from the local farms.  The tofu is then fried in pressed peanut oil until golden brown.  To retain its moisture, the fried tofu is placed in the spring water until it is sold.  Thus, this tofu is heavier compared to the others but chewier, silkier and more fragrant than the others as well.  This is how this tofu earned it's nickname "Weighted Water Monster".  This tofu is best when braised or stewed.  (I don't know what "best" taste like but this one from Bing Sheng is pretty good for me!)

秘制黑叉燒 & 秘制脆皮叉燒 (雙拼)
The Chef's Black BBQ Pork and The Crispy BBQ Pork

My friend loves the Black BBQ Pork and I agreed the sauce is unique.
It's way better than the Crispy BBQ Pork which felt like chewing fat.
Stewed Bean Curd with Mushrooms

Cue the "Unchained Melody" music please.

The tofu is dense, silky, fragrant, smooth and slight crispy.
How could I not love something with such a complex texture and flavor.
I also love the sauce and the mushroom the tofu is cooked in.
I could probably finish the whole pot myself.
Beef Chow Fun

Everything pales in comparison to the tofu.
Signature Pineapple Bread

The buns were much bigger and also not as tasty as I thought.
But then I am probably biased against everything after I tasted the tofu.

Tel: +86 020-8751-8682 or +86 020-8751-8683
Hours: 11:00 - 04:00

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with the restaurant and I paid for my own food.


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