Monday, March 18, 2013

Chong Fat Chiu Chow Restaurant (創發潮州飯店)

Went to Hong Kong in January for a good friend's birthday marathon.  I only did a half marathon as I only joined 3 of the many meals they had... all in a span of 2 days...

Their full itinerary include buffet lunch @ Inakaya (田舍家)*, afternoon tea @ Cafe 103*, Chiu Chow style dinner @ Chong Fat (創發) (this post!), brunch @ Chez Patrick Deli, coffee @ Mandarin Oriental*, and finally dinner Kui Kee (駒記).

* denotes places I didn't join... that's too much eating for a weekend, even for me!!!

Cold seafood on display

Recommended by a friend and many food blogs
Chong Fat is a well-known Chiu Chow restaurant (老字號)  in Hong Kong.
The interior is very modest.
As long as you stayed away from seafood. the prices aren't bad.
All of which are pretty tasty.
Kungfu tea
Don't drink this if you want to sleep afterwards.  Strong caffeine content.
Oyster Pancake (蠔仔餅)

I like this style of oyster pancakes.  One word: crispy!
My mom likes to make the gooey ones, which I don't like as much.
I don't remember what this is... some kind of fish porridge?
If I can't remember what it taste like, it probably wasn't very good... lol!
Chiu Chow style cold crab (潮州凍蟹)

The birthday girl loves crab so we ordered this.  It's pretty expensive (HKD$800).
Honestly, I didn't think it was that good.
My mom's curry crab or ginger and scallion crab is light years better.
Even if we are only comparing steamed crabs, I'd rather have hairy crabs (大閘蟹) or butter crabs (黃油蟹).
A simple vegetable soup (芥菜湯)

To our surprise, it's the favorite dish of the night and we have to order seconds.
Marinated Goose (鹵水鵝)

Marinated dishes are supposed to be the staples at Chiu Chow style restaurants.
I was disappointed.  The size of the dish felt like an appetizer even though it's not.
I felt like chewing shoe leather and I can't tell I was eating goose.
There is nothing special about the sauce either.
Pan-fried Indian Salmon (煎馬友)

Aside from the marinated dishes, seafood is the star of Chiu Chow style restaurants.
The server told us it's rare find Indian Salmon of this size these days.
Although I agreed with his statement,  I think it's their excuse to charge more.
This little plate costs HKD$300+.
The meat was tough and I think it's overpriced.  Another disappointment.
Fried Sweet Taro (反沙芋頭)

Alas, the dessert was good.  Crispy on the outside and chewy inside.
To make this, you have to first deep fried the taro .
Rolled it into sugar, and then stir-fried the coated taro in a wok until it caramelizes.
Birthday cake from Tony Wong

Chopsticks and cake, anyone?
Birthday cake from Tony Wong

So pretty~~~
Taste is just so-so.  the petals are made of fondant, which is way too sweet for me.
the chocolate sponge cake base is good though.

Overall, I was underwhelmed by the food but at least the servers were attentive and very nice to our party.  The restaurant has been around forever so it still has that neighborhood feeling.  (But I can also see why other diners say the servers have an attitude.)  The bill came out to be around HKD$320 per person (we have 6 in the party), which I can't justify with the quality of the food.  Unfortunately, I can't say I will return with an eager heart.

G/F., 60-62 South Wall Rd., Kowloon City
Tel: +852 2383 3114
Hours:  11:00-00:00

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with this restaurant and I paid for my own food.


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