Friday, March 22, 2013

Black Chicken Meatballs, Oysters, and Lettuce Congee

I hurt myself on the bus on my way to work Wednesday.  At first I thought it was going to be yet another bruise ("PK" is nothing new to me) until I see a pool of blood.  It was quite frightening but I was more shocked at myself that I didn't even know I was bleeding until like 10-15 minutes after the accident.

Luckily, I work next to a hospital so after I put my lunch in the fridge and briefed my co-worker what happened (She now calls me "tofu-woman"), I went to see the doctor...  Apparently, my accident is a lot worse than I thought... there is a deep cut in my left leg even though my pants are not torn.  (The doctor and nurses and passersby were so amazed the keep asking me how the accident happened.)  I also ended up with my first stitch in my life...  and the doctor gave me 2 sick days to rest at home since I am not supposed to put pressure on my left leg...  (Yippee!!!)

It was really nice to have an unexpected time off~  Since I have some extra time on my hands, I went to the market and bought myself some oysters.  I have been craving for Oyster Lettuce congee for some time now. I also spotted some leftover Black Chicken Meatballs in the fridge and threw them in as well~  The end result?  Not bad~

I made the congee from leftover rice.  It takes a lot less time to cook!
Rinse the oysters with corn starch and salt to get rid of the impurities
Raw black chicken meatballs (take-out) from Golden Palace.
Washed and sliced lettuce
Meatballs take ~10 minutes and oysters take ~3 minutes to cook.
I also added some sliced ginger.
Lettuce takes < 1 minute to cook.


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