Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Laziness is costly.  On a fine Sunday morning, instead of making my own bagel and cream cheese at home, I went to Classified.


I have wanted to try this place for a while now.  The place is small but you don't feel cramped like a can of sardines.  It's relaxing and perfect for a lazy Sunday.  I like the communal table in the middle.  Unfortunately, all seats were taken when I arrived.


As much as I enjoyed the place, I would suggest anyone to order anything but a bagel there.  (It's probably the last time I will eat a bagel with cream cheese at the breakfast place on Star Street in Admiralty, Hong Kong.)

There is nothing wrong with my bagel.
Chewy and perfectly toasted.

I was just still a little hungry after eating the whole thing :/
Since I was still hungry, I ordered the Homemade Granola.
Unlike my bagel, the portion is huge.

If only I had gotten this in the first place...
As you can see (and probably tell),
I had too much food in the end...

Good thing I had a full day walking in front of me... -.-|||

Looking back, I probably should have ordered the egg benedict or anything else that required more cooking...  even a croque madame would have made more sense...  (oh well, all I wanted that day was actually just a bagel, with some cream cheese...)  

31 Wing Fung Street, Wanchai  
(Take the Star Street Exit from the MTR Admiralty Station, turn right at the first intersection)
Tel: +852 2528 3454
Hours: 8:00 ~ midnight 

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