Thursday, November 20, 2014

Arirang Korean BBQ Restaurant (阿里郎)

Compared to Hong Kong, the choices for a decent Korean BBQ restaurant in Macau is next to none.  Whenever my friends and I are craving for Korean BBQ in Macau, this is our default choice (but even then, quality deteriorated recently...).  The restaurant is located in Taipa, so that says a lot for us - the "peninsula" folks. 


It's a running joke that people who lived in Macau side don't normally go to eat in Taipa. I had to explain to my foreign friends that growing up in Macau means I considered anywhere beyond walking distance or 2 bus stops far...  going to Taipa is considered a nuisance because I have to get on a bus when I could otherwise walk.  So, food had to be outstanding before I will agree to "cross the bridge".  (This is slowly changing since most of the casinos/hotels are located in Cotai.)

Arirang is always busy and reservations are essential, especially if you are going on a weekend.  Food is good and affordable.  It's operated by Koreans so it's as authentic as you would get (in Macau anyway).


Arirang Korean BBQ Restaurant (阿里郎)
Tel: +853 2883 5562
Hours: 6:00 pm - 12:00 am


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