Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lawry's The Prime Rib

Believe it or not, this is my first time to go to Lawry's even though I lived in the states for many years.  I have had prime rib in the past but not sure why I never went to Lawry's. 


Perhaps I have always just viewed it as "another chained restaurant"? A friend of mine loved their prime ribs and it's been a long time since I had some so I tagged along the last time they went. As usual, we prefer to eat lunch at expensive restaurants as the food is usually the same but at a fraction of the price and Lawry's is no exception.

All their signature entrees for only HK$308 + 10% service charge?
To me, that's great value!
Did I mention it also come with a glass of house wine?

All of us ordered the "Roasted Prime Rib - Hong Kong Cut"
The set lunch already includes a buffet trip to the salad and soup bar so just help yourself.  Just remember to save room for the actual entrée...
This is crème of mushroom and it was really good!
I think the kitchen brought out crème of cauliflower later and it was equally tasty as well.
You can really tell I am trying to portion control myself from eating too much.
My last experience with prime rib was still fresh in my mind...
What we have been waiting for~~~
the prime rib trolley!

The chef asked us our preference and gave us our serving~
I told him I wanted to see some blood... j/k
I just said I like medium rare.  hahahahaa...

If you like your beef well-done, prime rib is probably not for you...
I went to a restaurant once and my friend ordered prime ribs but requested it "well-done" -.-|||
They had to microwave her meat and she complained the meat was too tough.

Beautiful pinkish red with just a little bit of lard.
The portion size is good too.
It's the first time I had prime rib (be it lunch or dinner) where I didn't go into a food coma afterwards.
I could actually enjoy my desserts and tea!
My friend said after they moved to this new location, the interior is a little tired and the silverware used seemed to be downgraded.  I regretted for not visiting this restaurant sooner but hey, they are only charging me HK$3xx for quality prime rib... I really shouldn't be complaining. 

Not to mention they offer special discounts to Citibank credit card holders and EXTRA Asia Miles!!!  (I ended up playing paper, rock, scissors to win the opportunity to earn the extra Asia miles... ahhahahahaha...... ^^)
Lawry's The Prime Rib
Shop 201, 2/F, Hutchison House, 10 Harcourt Road, Admiralty
Tel: +852 2907 2218
Hours: 11:30-15:00; 18:00-22:30

1. Earn 5 Asia Miles for every HKD$8 spent (present your membership card when paying your bill) 
2. 21% off the a la carte menu; BOGO on Lawry's house wines; special discount on the set menu (HK$699 / HK$800)


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