Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oatmeal Porridge

If you have been following my Instagram, you will notice I ate a lot the past month and a half.  In fact, I checked my schedule today and realized there were more days I am eating out than days that I were not.  Honestly, I shouldn't be complaining but then, I know I don't want to spend hours on the treadmill so I really have to cut back.


The oatmeal diet (oatmeal + water) is nothing new and its something that has worked miracles on a lot of people.  I am late on this bandwagon because I just don't like this tasteless, bland, and baby food like stuff that looks like puke.  Seriously, I have been calling this thing "cardboard", disdainfully, if I might add.  

I have to make it work for me.  It has to be something I can actually enjoy.  Afterall, this is not a battle but a war.  I have to win.

I got this box of instant oats after I made up my mind this afternoon, after I had a good claypot rice from Fairwood (大快活) (yeah I know...) Posted it on FB and Instagram and I probably got more comments than I ever did in a month.  Everyone is telling me how to make this goo yummy.

I really appreciates all the comments and I will make an effort to try some of these.  To each their own.  I know myself better.  I can't eat sweets, especially if it is a meal.  The only 2 recipes involving oatmeals that I actually enjoyed are both of my mom's.  One is sweet where sugar, full milk, and eggs are involved so we are not going here.  This is the other thing she does with oatmeal.


(yields 3 servings)

1 cup of whole rolled oats

2 bowls of water  (the bowl I used to eat my oats)
2 tomatoes, diced in large chunks
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 tsp salt to taste

I am boiling my okra (originally intended for lunch)
but I don't think it would last till then... I am still hungry...
Nice whole oats!
MUCH BETTER than the instant ones...
0.9g / 100g of sugars.  That's promising...
Lots of fibre, that's good...
Should I be worried about the fat content???
I am probably one of the very few people you come across that prefers their oatmeal salty?
I don't know... adding sugar, fruits, etc. just sounded disgusting to me... sorry!


1. Bowled the water in a medium size pot.
2. Add the oats when the water is in a rolling boil.

I was humming "rolling in the deep" when this was boiling... XDDD

3. Add the tomatoes when #2 is in a rolling boil again.

"Turn my sorrow into treasured gold~~~"
excuse me I am just being silly... XDDD

4. Lower to medium heat.
5. Cook until your desired thickness (8-10 mins)
6. Add salt to taste.
7. Turn off the heat and add the egg.  Cover the pot.  Leave for 1 minute.
    Almost ready...

    8. Stir it up.  Ready to serve.


    Yes... As simple as that.  (Seriously, it took me less than 30 minutes from start to finish.)  My mom adds meat (mostly pork but you can do chicken) instead of eggs.  The meat is slightly seasoned with soy sauce (I think).  Add the meat when you add the tomatoes.  It helps to make you feel less hungry.  I just ate my bowl (It's a big bowl...)  The eggs are not helping much.  T_T

    Anyways, bon appetite.  

    Now I just need to find something to keep myself occupied so I would forget that I am still hungry... /cry  (well, that's why I am updating my blog I guess... LOL!)

    If you have any other tried and true recipes of oatmeals (salty please), please let me know~~~ I can really use some help in this cardboard department here...

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