Thursday, November 6, 2014

[Taipei] Kanpai (Tamsui) (乾杯) (淡水店)

2015 update:  This location is now closed.

Kanpai (乾杯) is a popular Taiwanese BBQ place.  I became aware of it from the Taiwanese soap "My Queen" (敗犬女王), which is still one of my all-time favorite soap operas by the way.  All of my friends who have been there loved it so I am happy I finally had the chance to check it out!  (You can't really eat BBQ alone so I have to come with friends.)


Reservations used to be essential on a weekend but I think the craze has died down somewhat so it wasn't busy on the night we went.  (Perhaps we were just lucky?)  Located in a 3-story building in beautiful Tamsui, it has a good view of the sea and just right across from the train station.  Very convenient, you can't miss it.  There was a rumor that this shop has a lot of cute male servers.  Either my love for food blinded me, but don't go in with high expectations... You are not going to see Ethan Ruan caliber guys grilling your food here.  ROFL!!!

We were seated in the 3rd floor. 
The view is slightly better by the windows.
Their claim of fame is their event held at 8pm every evening where customers would be encouraged to come out and kiss their loved ones in public to win a place of pork belly for the grill.  No, we didn't participate... we have plenty of food as is (totally missing the point...)

It used to be that they don't "sell" pork bellies on the menu.
You have to participate in the game to eat it.
Guess they changed the rules.

Service is good but in general, I think it's difficult to find a restaurant with bad service in Taiwan.  They just won't survive.  (Take that, Macau!)  Food is very good as well. 

I don't always drink dark beer, but when I do, it's usually with BBQ :P
The kimchi here is very good!  We order 2 rounds.
Thinly sliced ox tongue.  I prefer thicker slices since it shrinks and disappears on the grill.
Otherwise, they were quite tasty.
I think these were rib cuts.  Tender and juicy.
Really enjoyed them.  Had to order another round.
These were alright.  Can skip.
Mixed mushrooms.  Doesn't look too appetizing.
Taste is average.  Can skip.

Among the popular tourist destinations of people from Hong Kong / Macau, I definitely prefer Japan / Taiwan over Thailand / Korea.  I just like the food and the culture more here... but to each there own.

No. 13, Gongming St, Tamsui District, New Taipei City
Tel: +886 02 2628 1500
Hours: (Lunch) 11:30 ~ 15:00 (weekends only); (Dinner) 17:00 ~ 21:30 (Last seating at 20:00 and last order at 21:00)


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