Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sichuan House (霸王川莊)

These photos are brought to you by my friends from Kuwait~  Thank Sunoj (for carrying the camera) and Smitha (for taking the photos)!

My friends love spicy food so I thought it will only be fitting if I take them to a local Sichuan restaurant to experience some authentic Sichuan food before they return to Kuwait.  Sichuan House is a fairly new restaurant in LKF.  I have heard some good reviews and saw some mouth-watering photos, so I decide to give it a try.

Fist Fillets in Hot Chili Oil

I was late due to work but my friends were promptly seated at our table at our reserved time.  Each of us were served a cup of their Babao Cha (八寶茶) or Eight Treasure Tea.  The tea is common in Sichuan but it's my first time getting it served standard at a Sichuan restaurant in Hong Kong so I think they have successfully set themselves apart from the other.

Babao Cha (八寶茶) or Eight Treasure Tea

The tea was not as sweet and fragrant as what I normally have.
Perhaps it was because mine was sitting on the table for too long.
Would have preferred it to be served fresh when I am seated and not when my friends were seated.
Fried Eggplant with Sichuan Spicy Sauce

The sauce is yummy and the eggplant is nicely done.
I think this is a new interpretation of a traditional Sichuan dish since
I expect something different when it comes to "Yuxiang" (魚香) but it is yummy nonetheless.
Fist Fillets in Hot Chili Oil

One of Sichuan House's signature dishes
It looks spicy but it's not bad at all (for me at least)
the fish is very moist and tender and I love the paralyzing sensation from the Sichuan peppers!
Sichuan Homemade Spicy Fried Rice

My friend loves fried rice so it's his must-order at every restaurant we went for the last few dinners
This is quite tasty as well!
Candied Banana Fritters

I usually prefer candied yam but banana is usually a more popular choice among my friends
These ones were nicely coated, with the right amount of candy straws.
The banana were creamy and the skin is crisp. 
Perhaps it will be even yummier if it was dipped in soda water instead of ice water.
But is that asking for too much?  LOL
Chinese Salted Plum Gelato

Among the three ice creams offered, this seems to be our safest choice.
I love sour food so I love this.
I will eat this over the caramel / vanilla / chocolate ice cream any day.

Overall, very impressed with the food.  Have yet to try other Sichuan restaurants in Hong Kong but I know this one is a keeper.  I will be back!

Sichuan House (霸王川莊)
7/F, M88, 2 Wellington Street, Central
Tel: +852 2521 6699
Hours: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm

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