Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Yakiniku Futago HK (大阪燒肉)

Following on my barbecue train, it's only fitting that I post my latest yakiniku (Japanese barbecue) adventure in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.  I have been wanting to come here ever since it opened its doors in April 2014 and the whole experience has exceeded my expectations!  This place takes reservations, has a very fun atmosphere, delicious food, well trained staff, and reasonable price.  I can't really ask for more!


I made a 8PM booking  (only 2 times are available every night: 6PM and 8PM).  We were in the area around 7PM already so we called to see if we could go early.  The server told us there were no tables available but will call back as soon as somebody leaves.  We were lucky - as soon as we hung up, he called me back and say somebody just left!  Score!

The restaurant is small but felt pretty spacious.
Plenty of privacy as well.
We were given a zip lock bag each for our phone

Our server explained to us the design of this grill is different from the ones in Japan
This one has added safety measures.  He explained but I forgot already!  LOL
 (One of my friends works in this business so she has been checking it out since she sat down.)

We were promptly seated when we arrived and there was never a dull moment!  We order quite a few things since we were hungry - even the server agreed.  LOL!!!  Most of the dishes we ordered were grilled by the staff.  I need to give a short out to our server, "Long".  He is VERY accommodating and extremely understanding to folks like me - food photography fanatic, a true believer of "cameras eat first".  He made sure we have plenty of time to take photos when the dish was brought to us, when it was grilled, and when it was served.  He also told us how to take good photos.  I was really impressed and can't help but think, who I can introduce this place to and when I can come again :D

Japanese cucumber and the miso dipping sauce.  So yummy!
Kimchi, the taste is similar yet different from Korean kimchi.
This one is milder and sweeter.  We quite enjoy this.
Just like you need to order soju at Korean BBQ, you need to order highball at Japanese BBQ!

One of my friends tried the "Futago Highball"
Basically, it's regular Highball with Japanese pickled ginger.
It sounds odd but it was actually very tasty.
I am going to get that next time!
Thick cut beef tongue
Marinated in yuzu, so simple, so delicious.
This is a must-try item and one that we would "encore".
This is grilled by one of their staff
(everything that has a tong next to the dish on the menu is grilled by the staff)
I am not sure how long does the staff have to be trained in the art of grilling.
I should ask them my next visit.
My perfectly grilled piece of beef tongue :)
This is the signature dish at Futago.
They normally asked you when you make your reservation if you want to reserve a piece already.
(next time, I would do the same for my beef intestine!)
Very thinly sliced wagyu.  Brought to you frozen and gently seasoned.
I actually don't think any seasoning is necessary.  This cut is bursting with flavor just on its own!
Another must-try.
There are actually 4 cuts of meat in this one slice.
Each cut is so different but all of which is delicious.
Perfect for sharing.
(Actually, I want it all for me... if it was not so fattening...)
The green sauce we were given is the mild wasabi sauce
Again, it's packed with flavor and went very well to help cut the greasiness off the meat.
Just give me a bowl of rice!
Look at all the oil from that one piece of meat!!!
I get excited every time restaurants bring out a jug like this.
O - M - G.

Look at all the work that has gone into this piece of meat!!!
I am totally salivating...
I am so glad the skillful staff is grilling it for us.
I know I will ruin it!
If the wagyu haven't sent me to heaven yet,
the ribs did it for me.
The server asked us if we wanted the scallions from the jar to be grilled with the meat as well.
All we of us were like "hell yeah!"  LOL
That's the best part.
The meat is very flavorful and chewy (in a good way)
The sauce is a tad bit strong on it's own (translation: I need a bowl of rice)
We have not yet touch the dipping sauce we were given from the beginning of the meal
Wagyu + Uni = a little piece of heaven?
The meat is gently torched for a few seconds (to release the oil)
This piece is done by the experienced staff
This is how it should have been...
This piece is done by the experienced staff showing the new staff how to do it
so I think it was overcooked by 2 seconds or so?

then the third piece was done by the new staff... it looks something similar to this piece :(

Maybe it was overcooked?  Maybe the uni wasn't sweet enough? 
Maybe I already hit food orgasm when I had the ribs?
Anyway, this one did not leave me with a big impression like the previous dishes we ordered.
Grilled scallops

the staff told us the how and when...
but we have been so spoiled at this point
I wish we only ordered thing that were grilled by them...
I think I overcooked my a little... T_T
Beef Cheek
Another item which is self-served

I think my experience would have been very different if we had to grill everything ourselves.
Having the special items definitely highlighted our experience
so I highly encourage you to do the same.
It is quite chewy but has good flavor.
The only item I actually tried dipping in the yuzu sauce.
The yuzu cut the greasiness of the cheek meat so it was very nice.

It's unfortunate that their one-piece beef intestine was sold out or not good enough to be sold... (I have heard they don't serve it to the customers if it is not fatty enough) One more reason to return!!!  Everything was really delicious but was just a tad bit too strong in the seasoning.  I keep wishing I had a bowl of rice.  We were given some dipping sauce but never felt the need to us it since everything was bursting with flavors and to add anything more would be devastating.

a very thick and creamy yogurt after our feast...
(I almost needed a spoon for this)
... and green tea to wash everything down

We left with a little room left in our stomach so without any hesitation, we went to Via Tokyo for desserts.  They are now serving genmaicha (玄米茶, "brown rice tea") soft serve in addition to the regular milk and green tea soft serve.  The genmaicha flavor is very prominent although my friend commented the color was a bit off - she expected it to be yellow.  I didn't care since I thought it was excellent!


Thank goodness I had a good workout on Saturday!  Now back to my cardboard diet -.-||| (but I am going to try the extremely popular tomato rice one of these nights.)

Yakiniku Futago HK (大阪燒肉)
Shop B, G/F, 1-5 Irving Street, Causeway Bay
2898 7707
Mon-Sun: 12:00-15:00; 17:30-23:00


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