Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jingoro Ramen (甚五郎らーめん)

Jingoro Ramen (甚五郎らーめん) is one of the more popular ramen restaurants in the area.  In fact, it was recommended to us by one of the hostel's staff.  It's about 10 minutes away from the JR Takayama station (by walking).


Contrast to the rich, creamy pork bone (tonkotsu) based broth at Ichiran (一蘭) or Santouka (火頭山), Jingoro's ramen uses a soy sauce based broth.  To compliment the broth, the noodles used are extra fine.  The only thing that comes with the ramen is a few slices of BBQ pork, sliced bamboo shoots, and some finely sliced scallion.  It also comes with a free serving of rice!  The rice is very good so make sure you save room to enjoy!

Since I am partial to the rich and creamy broth, I am not a big fan of the soy sauce based broth and thus, the ramen.  Yet, I think it's a good experience to try the different ramens enjoyed in the different regions of Japan.

This ramen house is recommended by the receptionist at the hostel, only minutes from the hostel.(I forgot I had my camera in B&W mode, oh well...)
the menu
the lunch menu @ Jingoro Ramen
House ramen
Jingoro Ramen (regular) with Rice
Char siu (BBQ pork) ramen
Cha-Su Ramen (regular) with Rice

Jingoro Ramen (甚五郎らーめん)
2-132-1  Nishino Isshiki, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture
(5 minutes walking from the JR Takayama Station)
Tel: +81 0577-34-5565
Hours: Lunch: 10:30 ~ 15:00; Dinner: 20:00~01:30
(Closed from December 31st to January 1st)

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with the restaurant and I paid for my own food.


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