Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wolfberry and Osmanthus Jelly (杞子桂花榚)

One of the simplest desserts I have made to date.  It's like making jello but you add wolfberry and osmanthus to the solution.  Great for summer and the wolfberry is supposed to be good for the eyes.  (Good for people who stare too long at the computer - like me.)

I guess the jello wasn't as clear as I wanted them since I used rock sugar.
Will try this recipe again with white sugar next time.




1 tbsp osmanthus


2 tbsp wolfberry


23g gelatin powder  (I ended up using 3 sheets of the gelatin film - I started with 1 and it didn't solidify.   Instead of making a new batch I re-heated the solution without the wolfberry and osamanthus.  You could use agar agar powder too.)


100g White Sugar (I used 2 cubes of rock sugar instead but will try white sugar next time.)


250ml hot water

200ml cold water


1. Wash the wolfberry.  Soak them in warm water until soft and then drain them.  Rinse the osmanthus.  Set aside.

2. Dissolve the sugar and gelatin powder in the hot water over low heat.  Turn off the heat when the sugar and gelatin are dissolved.


3.  Add the wolfberry and osmanthus into the cold water.  Add to #2, stir well.  (I actually spoon the osmanthus into my serving cups for equal distribution.  I would do that with the wolfberry next time too.)

I have already turned off the heat when I add my wolfberry.

4.  Divide the solution equally among the serving cups.  Let it cool and put it into the fridge.  Should be ready in about 2 hours.  (I left it overnight.)

I got these silicon jello cups from IKEA.


1.  You can use a rectangular container and slice the jelly into cubes to serve.

2.  You can stir the jello cups when it's semi-solidified to distribute the wolfberry and osmanthus better.

3.  Turn off the heat once you can smell the osmanthus.  It will turn bitter if you add too much or cook them too long.

4.  If you cook the wolfberry too long, it will taste sour.  So don't cook them in high heat or too long.


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